how to build a website from scratch

What is a website?

Website is a digital roof under which web resources like web pages, Multimedia are saved . The roof is commonly named as Domain Name. These websites are published on servers. Some of the websites are, and many more

Advantages of building a website

  • Effective advertising
  • Save money from paper advertisement
  • New customer
  • Improves productivity
  • Educate your customers 
  • Create an internet identity

Ways to make a website

There are multiple ways to make a website. Some of the top ways to make a website 

  • Cms
  • Coding
  • Website builders
  • Get it done from someone 

Content Management System

Content management system (CMS) is a type of software which helps in management and creation of content for a website Without having a lot of technical knowledge. 

Advantages of a content management system

  • Cms provides ease of use for a non-technical user
  • Allowing multiple users with limited permissions
  • Helps you schedule stuff on a particular date and time
  • Ease of maintenance of the website
  • Acts as a website management software
  • Admin oriented 

Disadvantages of a content management system

  • Have difficult to integrate with every media format
  • Sometimes technical difficulties might show up
  • It can be a little bit difficult for non technical user
  • Sometimes require professional help to understand

Major content management system

  • WordPress
  • Magento 
  • Joomla


The base of a website is always made through code. For making a website using coding you need to learn major computer languages and need to have a lot of technical knowledge

Advantages of developing a website through coding

  • You make it you own it, you control it
  • You can have endless creativity in your website
  • You can optimize your website 
  • You can fix bugs on a website

Disadvantages of developing a website through coding

  • A lot of bugs in the website
  • A lot of learning
  • Computer languages required to develop a website through coding

Website builders

Website builders are a set of tools which help you build a website. Without using a single bit of code

Advantages of website builder

  • No coding required to build a website on 
  • Less or no technical knowledge required
  • Easy to use
  • No learning curve

Disadvantages of website builders

  • Expensive
  • Less effective
  • Promotion becomes difficult
  • Heavy website
  • Extra Coding in background

Major website builders

  • Weebly
  • Square Space
  • Wix
  • And many more

Hire a professional

Hiring a professional has added advantage to develop a website. You can continue your own work and still be able to create a website

Advantages of hiring professional

  •  High graphics
  • Cost-effective
  • Speed
  • SEO Friendly
  • No technical knowledge required 


Explaining you advantages and disadvantages of various ways by which you can develop your website I believe that you would have got a brief idea of how you wish to develop your website and manage content for your website. 

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